Bunn G9-2T HD Tall Portion Control Coffee Grinder
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The Bunn G9-2T HD portion control coffee grinder has two hoppers that hold 6 pounds of coffee beans per hopper. Three preset timed cycles allow you to control the amount of coffee that is ground, giving you complete control over portion sizes.

The double hopper coffee grinder has a powerful 3/4 hp motor to quickly process each batch. Unlike other grinders that pulverize your coffee beans into pellets, the Bunn G9-2T HD coffee grinder uses precision burrs that shave the coffee beans into a size and shape that allows for maximum flavor extraction during the brewing process.

The Bunn G9-2T HD tall portion control coffee grinder accepts larger brew funnels for Bunn System III, Dual, and other larger Bunn brewer models.

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Bunn G9-2T HD Tall Portion Control Coffee Grinder

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